Over Weight and obesity Inviting many diseases Long working hours, computer jobs, shrinking time, flinging on the junk foods, no work out has resulted in increasing of weight. Every other person is obese or overweight and ant to loose the extra kilos which are hanging around the different body parts.

Everyone wants to stay fit and healthy but obesity is over ruling their lives. Getting healthy does not mean lean but a fuller mass and shape. But obesity is root cause of numerous diseases and complications which might be life taking. So fighting with the obesity should be everybody’s aim in the current scenario.

High calories, blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases can also house the body of the obese or overweight person. Besides, heavy mass make person less active compared to that of healthy person. In order to avoid the problems associated with obesity a person should go for weight reduction. Many say that loosing weight is not easy. But V-care is view that weight reduction is simple but lot of dedication is required for the same. And our experts involved with the patients to attain the dedication in the each and every therapy sessions.

Our experts begin with measurement of the body weight of the person and also the analysis the body mass index which is important for weight reduction. After which the treatments for weight reduction is carried. Each treatment is unique and different. Various methods and exercises are suggested by the experts.

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